Important Notification for u14's Players and Parents- Practice Opportunities!

Posted by Vanguard Volleyball on Sep 30 2019 at 05:15PM PDT

Practice Opportunities for our u14’s

Welcome to the Vanguard family! We are excited for a great season! There has been many good questions surrounding the upcoming season. As I have chatted with most of you, others might have the same questions. I hope this will assist with any question you might have. If I don’t cover your question, please feel free to ask directly.

We will have two u14 teams. Practices are slated to start the first week of Nov. Most likely they will practice Tuesday and Friday evenings. I’m sure most have heard us talk about the Team Selection. During the first few weeks of practice, we will have the u14 team selection to determine who will be on which team. This will be based on skill and ability. One will be Gold (National) and the other will be Silver (Regional). Both teams are the same fee and play the same tournament and practice schedule. Each team will have 10 players per team, plus/minus 1, based on numbers this year. The Gold and Silver distinction, at 14s, is only there to tell the two teams apart. Starting at u15’s, the Gold and Silver have different fees and play dramatically different tournament schedules.

Before the official season starts, we are opening the gym to Vanguard u14 players who wish to start practicing early. On the following dates/time our u15 and u16s will be going through their team selection, however will open the doors to the u14 players as well. The coaches will be assisting with these u14 practices and using it as a way to get the players started. They will have their own court. This is not mandatory, but would be nice if their schedule allows.

Saturday Oct 5, 9a-11a
Monday Oct 7, 5p-7p
Friday Oct 11, 5p-7p
Sat. Oct 12, 9a-11a

Feel free to attend! If your son has a friend who wishes to attend, bring them! Just send me an email linking me to their parents so we can have a medical form on file.

Go Vanguard!

Wes Almond