Happy New Year! 15-18 Gold Teams Dallas Hotel Link Now Posted! Request for team photos.

Posted by Vanguard Volleyball on Dec 30 2018 at 07:25PM PST

Happy New Year
To all our Vanguard Volleyball Club players, coaches and their families. We hope you have enjoyed a little time off and are ready to hit the courts!
Soon our teams will be traveling far and wide to compete in tournaments. As this season starts, be sure to have your player check with their coach if you have any weather related concerns.

Dallas 2019 BJNC 15-18 Gold Teams
Dallas hotels links are now posted on 15-18 Gold teams individual pages. Booking links expires on 1/12/19! Do not delay- book ASAP!
Please only use the link on your sons page, as they are team specific. Remember to add your sons name on your reservation under Athletes Name, and add your sons Team Name ( ex: 18 Gold Webb) in the provided area in the reservation. This is the way USAV and the housing company check for compliance with their Stay & Play rule.
This tournament is on a wave schedule for the week and each age group has a different start day. Also our teams are in different hotels this year due to our position in this years housing lottery. All the Dallas hotels charge for parking, check your sons teams hotel parking rate. If necessary, see about doubling up with rental cars with another family to lower the cost of rentals and parking. If you want to stay longer than your current date allotted, you will have to call the hotel directly,_ AFTER_ you have booked your room through the link. We are limited by the number of rooms reserved for our club.
If you have questions about booking for this or any other tournament, please email Melissa at immediately. There are very specific hotel booking rules to follow in order for your sons team and our club to be eligible to play in USAV tournaments, see our club handbook for more information.

Call for Team Photos
We are still in need of a 2019 team photo for the website for the following teams: 18 Gold Webb, 18-2 Gold Palmer, 16 Gold Bell, 18 Silver Cags. If you have a good photo and would share, please send to Melissa at

As always, please email us questions at