15-18 Gold Teams practice time change, and Chicago hotel reminder, Florida deadline. Credit card multiple payment option. Medical Forms. Week of 11/12/18

Posted by Vanguard Volleyball on Nov 12 2018 at 07:11PM PST

Vanguard Volleyball 15-18 Gold Team notes for this week
Practice times have changed on Saturdays starting with this Saturday 11/17, we will start at 9am until 12noon. Check it out on the Schedule on the home page of the website also.

Chicago hotel will add additional Q/D rooms this Thursday, 11/15 at 9am EST. Only 120 rooms are offered through online registration, so be quick on the keyboard! Use the same link on your sons team page to access the online booking link. There are K rooms with roll away beds also currently offered.

Florida hotel link expires on 11/21/18. Please book your room as soon as possible. These are all USAV “Stay & Play” tournaments, you must use the link provide through your sons team page in order for your sons team to be compliant. Questions on hotel/travel? email Melissa at

Credit Card multiple payment option coming soon!
After much delay we are excited to be able to offer , as originally planned, credit card multiple payment option for our families. You will be receiving in the next week or so an email with a link to pay by credit card your Vanguard Volleyball Club Membership Contract, or your Vanguard Volleyball Gold Team Contract or both contracts and fees. This feature will still allow you to pay in one payment, or choose four payments, one due at contract signing, and then three additional payments set up by auto withdraw, with the last payment coming on February 1, 2019.

USAV Emergency Medical Forms
Some of the medical forms received via online registration were outdated, from 2017/2018 and must be updated as son as possible. A few were unable to be read, and some have never been turned in. Each Vanguard coach has a list of players who need to resubmit, they will notify your player. The 2018/2019 form can be accessed from the main page of the website. Click on the Fall League tab, scroll down to the link. Print the form, fill out and return to your sons coach.

Please remember to check the website often for the most up to date club and team news!

As always, email us at if questions.